Thursday, November 17, 2011

WHOA super charged smoothie goodness!!

there's lots of opinions out there on what is good for you and what isn't, and some things are so yum and you love them so much that no matter what anyone says, you find your own truth. and here's my sooooooper smoothie....

enough for 2-3 good sized delicious helpings
the ingredient variations will depend on your taste (and buzz level you want to achieve)

the great thing about this smoothie other than the taste is that the buzz you get is nicely leveled out by the other ingredients (i myself am a bit sensitive and i enjoy this without the after shakes)

1 young coconut - both water and scrape the coconut flesh out of the shell
2-4 bananas - i like mine frozen to give it a wee chill
2-6 teaspoons raw cacao powder
2-4 shots espresso coffee
1-3 tablespoons local honey

and.... ENJOY

my housemate wade will be very happy to find the other half of this after his swim this morning. like all good things, they are sooooo much better when shared!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

delish salad

tonight's dinner- just what my body wanted, lots of fresh healthy yumminess!

mixed leaves (mixed lettuce, spinach, rocket)
baby radish greens
snow peas
mung and adzuki sprouts
red clover sprouts
marinated olives
activated pecans
brussel sprouts
sweet potato

olive oil
lemon juice
apple cider vinegar
salt and pepper

ciabatta slices

lightly blanch brussel sprouts

prepare other ingredients- adding to salad bowl, readying dressing ingredients

when brussel sprouts blanched slice in half and put in pan with thinly sliced sweet potato, then chuck in salad

a light toasting of ciabatta in pan

shake up dressing in a jar

smear toast with pesto, pour dressing over salad and shazam!