Tuesday, June 29, 2010

leftover risotto? = arancini balls with sprout salad

so alice my land-lady made a scrumptious mushroom risotto last night and there was not enough left for both of our lunches... what to do?!?!

roll into equal sized balls, about an inch in diameter, coat them in breadcrumbs, shallow fry them and serve with sprouty salad :)

here ive torn fresh green leaves [from wonderworld organics]
topped with light salad mix sprouts (lentils, fenugreek, alfalfa & red quinoa)
[from the happy sprout]
goats cheese [from gympie cheese]
toasted sliced baguette brushed with olive oil
drizzle salad with olive oil, sprinkle with dulse flakes and serve with half a lime

looks like ill be allowed to stay for another week!

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